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"Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets has been helping grieving pet parents since February of 2000."

Knowing, first hand, the grief associated with the loss of a loving and devoted pet we have dedicated our lives to helping you through this trying time. On this web site we offer you some of the finest pet caskets available on the market today. We take great pride in making sure each and every pet casket is built with the highest standards and best quality materials available. We also offer free grief counseling services in order to help you deal with the pain associated with your loss. Please read some of the hundreds of Testimonials we've received to see, first hand, what providing a pet casket for a beloved pet meant to others. We started this business in 2000 knowing how painful it is to have to give up a precious and beloved pet. Please take comfort in the fact that, though it may not seem that way right now, time does help. Knowing that your pet is secure and safe in a pet casket is one way of easing the pain of such a loss. Many times since 2000 I have been asked, "Why on earth would anyone want to bury a pet in a casket?" My answer was always the same, "Because we loved them and they loved us."

When you buy anything on the Internet these days it's nice to know the people you are dealing with are who they say they are. Try typing the name Hoyt Northcutt, owner of the company, or Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets into any search engine and you will quickly see just how well known and trusted these two names are. Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets is a family owned and operated business located in Central Tennessee. We are not some big conglomerate that is only interested in your business for the money. We have been in the business of helping grieving pet parents through a very trying time in their lives by providing a quality product at a reasonable price. We have been doing so for more than 16 years.

Read some of the hundreds of Testimonials from satisfied customers, many of which are repeat customers, to see what they say about Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets products and services.

We do our best to ship every pet casket order within 24 hours, depending on the model you choose, directly from the workshop to you.

(See Shipping Policy for Details)

Three beautiful models are available on this web site; Deluxe Pet Caskets, Standard Pet Caskets, and our Craft Persons Pet Caskets. In all, Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets are available in your choice of:

• 3 Different Models • 6 Different Sizes • 7 Different Colors • 7 Different Interior Linings

"Over 2,000 possible choices. More options than any other Pet Casket company on the Internet"

Everything we offer is always "In Stock" because we build your pets final resting place to your specifications when you place your order. Note: We do, however, occasionally have to list some of our pet caskets "Out of stock" if we run out of material needed to build them or we have to wait for the arrival of that material. Under normal circumstances, you get exactly what you want for your precious pet and if your order is placed before noon our time, we almost always ship it the very next business day. In the 16 plus years we have been in business we have never failed to meet or exceed this schedule. If your order is placed very early and we aren't too busy we will do our very best to ship your order the day it is received.

• All pet caskets are priced "Wholesale to the public".
• There are no "middlemen" or resellers involved.
• Our solid wood pet caskets are available only on this web site.
• Every pet casket is hand made by a veteran cabinet maker with over 30 years experience.
• Each is built the way you want it using specifications you select on this web site.
• All exposed surfaces are preserved with at least 2 coats of paint or stain and polyurethane.
• Foam rubber gasket pre-installed in every lid to help make them air and water tight.

• Available with or without antique brass handles. "Note" Antique brass handles only available on request.
• Choose from hundreds of possible combinations.
• Load tested to more than 2000 pounds.
• No vaulting necessary. You can use the shipping carton for extra protection if you wish.
• Shipped direct from our workshop to your door.
• Order 24/7 on this web site.
• Call us 9 to 5 Mon. thru Fri. with your order at (931) 743-5523
• All major credit or debit cards accepted.
• 100% safe and secure ordering.
• 100% Made In America and proud of it

With Angel Sleeping pet caskets you pick the model, size, color, and interior linings from our large selection. We then build your beloved pet's final resting place the way you want it and at a price anyone can afford. You never have to just "settle" for what is in stock. You never settle for some cheaply made imitation from over seas. You don't have to worry about receiving a pet casket built on an assembly line by inexperienced workers who's main concern is a paycheck.

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets have been load tested to support more than 2,000 pounds so vaulting is not necessary..You can even use the heavy duty shipping carton they arrived in for added protection. For over sixteen years Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets have been lovingly handmade in our workshop from the finest materials available. During this same period thousands of pet caskets have been built and shipped all over the country. Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets are now being used as final resting places in every one of the contiguous 48 states. Each one a "labor of love." We receive hundreds of cards, letters, and emails from satisfied customers and each is added to our Testimonials page. Please visit this page to see what other customers say about our pet caskets.

Low Cost Shipping to the Contiguous 48 States

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The Deluxe Pet Casket with Deep Red Mahogany finish is shown below

Shown here in only one of more than 3,000 possible pet casket combinations available at Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets. Visit our pet casket store for more information or to place an order. Click Here

"As Seen On TV"

Choice Of The Stars!

Several Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets were purchased by well known movie and TV personalities from Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago, and New York because as one of them put it, "only the very best would do."

The 24x14x8 inch Antique Walnut pet casket pictured below was purchased by one of the stars of the movie "Gone In 60 Seconds", for use by 20th Century Fox Studios, Hollywood in Season 1 - episode 11 of the popular TV show "House."

House Casket Front View Closed Lid

"As Seen On TV"

Inside view of the pet casket pictured above showing the white bridal gown satin lining.

House Casket End View

"As Seen On TV"

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Let us know what you think about our services, our products and prices, or our web site.

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Grief Counseling

A pet casket for your loved one is only part of the process. Let us help you deal with the grief associated with the death of your loved one. Free grief counseling services for grieving pet parents who need help dealing with their loss. Most people don't realize how hard it is to lose a pet. In some cases the grief felt for a beloved pet can be greater than that for a human loved one. Please take the time to visit this page because we care about you too and this service is free.

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Don't know who we are? Please read the hundreds of testimonials of those who do.

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Burial Facts

St. Paul in 1 Corinthians speaks of burial as planting a seed in the earth. We shall rise again and be given a "glorified" body just like a new plant that rises from a seed which is planted. We shall not die, but we shall all be given new bodies when the last trumpet is blown and we will all be together again forever. source: the Bible

I found all the information on the Burial Facts page on the Internet and thought it might be helpful to anyone making such an important decision as purchasing a pet casket for their beloved extended family member. Before you buy a pet casket for that precious little "fur person" in your life please take the time to read these burial facts.

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Payment Options

Check out our Payment Options on our Payment Options page for complete details. We accept most major credit or debit cards, PayPal, eChecks, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, or Cash.

Your security is 100% guaranteed through the use of VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER because of their ZERO LIABILITY POLICY.

If you are even slightly concerned about the safety of using your credit or debit card to buy anything on the Internet please click on the link below that matches the card you use and read about your card's Zero Liability Policy. Most people don't even know that since April 4, 2000 they are not liable for any fraudulent charges on their credit or debit cards.

• VISA Credit or Debit Card  • MASTERCARD Credit or Debit Card  • DISCOVER Credit Card 

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Shipping Method: We ship your pet's casket to your door via UPS Ground which takes 2 days or less to more than half the country..

Baby Angels

Together Once More

My life on earth has ended, time here has ended for me,

Shed no tears and don't be sad, this is the way it was meant to be.

So many things I leave behind, look around you at the things we shared.

But the love we had will continue on, even though I'm no longer there.

Memories we’ve stored will forever last, and will always be there to show.

What wonderful times we had in this life, in a garden that ceased to grow.

I know this is hard and your pain is great, but I'm at peace now and I wanted you to know.

There's no sadness, no pain, no worries at all. I love you but it was my time to go.

 Death doesn't end it only begins, the future we're meant to see.

Eternity in Heaven now lies ahead, and with the angels we're meant to be.

So now it is time for you to bow down, and look toward this golden shore.

For the time's coming soon when you will come too, so we can be together once more.

Author – Hoyt Northcutt

Angel with Flowers

Just A Loan

An angel came to me one day, with a ball of fur in hand.

The angel gave the ball to me, as we stood there in the sand.

She said to me, "It's just a loan, and for only a short time."

She also said, "I'll be back one day, for the ball of fur was hers, not mine."

I looked down at that ball of fur, two eyes stared back at me.

I fell in love upon that day, as I held it close to me.

Time went by and my love grew, such close friends we became.

When I hugged that ball of fur, life was never again the same.

No matter where I found myself, my friend would be there, too.

We ran and played almost every day. There was always something new.

As time went by my friend slowed down, I could tell that they felt bad.

That was when the angel returned, she could see that I was sad.

She said that now the time had come, to take my friend back home.

I watched them leave with tear filled eyes, as I remembered "It's just a loan."

Author: Hoyt Northcutt

“Pets are loaned to us by God for a short time to teach each of us humility and unconditional love.” - Hoyt Northcutt

A Sinners Prayer

I pray that Heaven is the place we go when we leave this world behind us

To a new place we’ve never been before, where there’s only love and kindness

I pray that when my time comes there will be no sadness and no fears

For I’ve had my share of sorrow and more than my share of tears

I pray we leave the pain behind with all the worries we had

And the Lord never lets us waste our time on the things that made us sad

I pray He gives us another chance, a chance to get things right

And He lets us be with those we loved, forever, with no end in sight

I do not know what lies ahead but I pray one day to see

There is something so much better than this life that was given to me

I also pray that every day from death to eternity

Is filled with the good things that we missed and all new memories for me

And last I pray to the Lord above when my lifetime finally ends

He is waiting there with open arms as a new life with Him begins

Sinner - Hoyt Northcutt

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