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Grieving Over the Loss of a Pet

Grieving over the loss of a pet is very normal. In some instances, such grief can be greater than that felt for a human loved one. This is due mostly to lack of support from family and friends.

When we lose a human loved one, friends and family send flowers, cards, and offer emotional support. Rarely is this the case with the loss of a beloved pet.

The memorial service or funeral held for human loved ones offers us the opportunity to come together for mutual support and gives everyone a sense of closure. Few people understand the pain we feel when we lose a pet.

Well-meaning statements such as, "It was only a dog," or "Just get another one," only add to our feelings of grief and frustration. But try not to be angered by such statements, because the joy and companionship of a pet is simply a blessing not shared by everyone.

If you are dealing with the grief associated with the loss of a loving companion, the site mentioned below by Marty Tousley may be of help to you. Marty is a professional hospice bereavement counselor and her web site is an incredible resource for those going through the loss of a loved one. Click on her link below and then on Discussion Groups or click here to go directly there: Grief Healing Discussion Groups. You can then find the Loss of a pet Forum and anonymously share your feelings with others experiencing similar grief. Another wonderful source for grief counseling is the link to below.

Marty Tousley's Grief Healing

Marty Tousley is a professional hospice bereavement counselor and her web site is a wonderful source of help for those grieving for a lost loved one. Please click on her name above for an incredible array of free grief healing information and help.

Another great source for pet loss grief support is Here you will find poetry, words of wisdom, pet related chat rooms, message boards, and several telephone resources for helping yourself, a friend or family member through this trying time.

And last but most certainly not least is a trusted non-profit resource to help you deal with health issues, in particular, the loss of a beloved pet: 

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Additional Services

It is our wish at Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets to be able to help you in any way we can through this trying time. We are here for you because we have been through the sorrow of losing a loving companion animal.

Burial Facts:

Information Wanda and I found on the Internet that might help you in deciding whether to buy a pet casket made of wood or some other material.


Angel Sleeping offers a full line of pet caskets in several sizes, styles, and colors. More than 3,400 possible combinations to shoose from.

Pillows and Pet Covers:

Beautiful, over-stuffed, lace lined pillows and lace lined pet covers to fit every casket size. Our pillows are now available in your choice of 13 luxurious fabrics all lined with one inch delicate white lace. Each one lovingly hand-crafted in our workshop at Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets.

Cremation Services:

Cremation services available through All Ten Animal Services located at 2106 Ritter Road in Lavergne, TN 37086. They can be reached for information on services provided and pricing by calling them at: 1-615-828-7924 or by email at All Ten Animal Services is owned and operated by Mr. Dave Thomas.

Another good friend of ours, Mr. Mike Giglio, President of Companions Forever, Inc., operates a pet crematorium in Morrison, TN 37357. He can be reached for information and pricing at 931-815-8550 or by visiting his web site at:

On this website we have tried to furnish you with several sources for grief counseling. If we can be of service in any other way or you just want someone to talk to please let us know by sending us an email anytime at with any questions or concerns you may have.

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You'll find a variety of both sizes and colors of caskets available from Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets. Shown above is the Antique Walnut 24x14x8 inch Deluxe Pet Casket that was purchased by 20th Century Fox Studios in Hollywood for use in an episode of the popular Fox Network TV Show "House." All our caskets are custom built to your specifications when you place your order. Most are available to be shipped within 24 hours. See our Shipping Policy for complete details.

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