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We treasure your comments about our products as they are a testament to what we do and why we do it. If you would like to tell us what you think about your purchase at Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets, you have a comment to make about the web site, or you would just like to say hello, send us an email to: 

Send us a small photo to the above email address if you wish and we will gladly post it with your testimonial as a memorial to your beloved pet.

The following are unsolicited and unedited testimonials from customers who have purchased Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets in the past.

Dear Hoyt,

I just received Scout's casket. It is beautiful! Thank You so much for a great and memorable resting place for her. Like with all my dogs in the past, I keep the blanket and pillow with me as a memento of them.
God Bless you for your caring and thoughtful product.

Susan Magdaleno - Escondido, CA

Dear Hoyt,

I sincerely Thank you for the pillow. My In-laws called me on Monday night and wanted me to order them a casket for their beloved dog Sparky whom they have had for 12 years. He was not doing well at all and they wanted me to order this for him, about 30 minutes after I placed the order they called and said that he had passed. They are both taking it very hard and I know that they will appreciat your kindness as well. I love your Caskets and have ordered 5 in the past and plan on using your company for my future needs as well.. Thanks again!!!

Rebecca Watson - Burksville, KY

Dear Hoyt,

Your dedication and caring is exceptional. We received the casket we ordered for our beloved Aubrey last week and it is beautiful. The workmanship is far beyond anything we expected. We chose the Rainbow Bridge interior with the pecan finish. Beautiful. The matching pillow and blanket are so nice. The burial prayer and sympathy card are comforting. Aubrey passed away December 3rd. Living in New England the ground is frozen from November to May. We have kept her in the care of White Rose, in Vermont, until the ground thawed. Aubrey will be coming home tomorrow. Her final resting place will be near her sisters who passed over to Rainbow Bridge three years ago. Thank you for what you do. You help make the loss of a loved companion easier to deal with. Aubrey was 18 years and 4 months when she passed.

Bless you,
Eileen & Kerry Metz - South Hadley, MA


18 years 4 months
Crossed Rainbow Bridge on December 3rd, 2013
Rest in peace

Dear Hoyt,

I purchased one of your caskets about 3 weeks ago knowing that the day would soon come when I would need it for my 14.5 year old Welsh Corgi.  When it arrived, I didn't open the box, I didn't want too.  I simply put it down in the basement out of sight until needed.

Unfortunately, yesterday my beloved Sherri passed away peacefully in my arms at home.  A short while later, still crying, I opened the shipping box to find the most beautiful little casket, all white inside and out just as I had ordered.

It was instantly comforting to see that little box and to know that my dog had a peaceful place to lay her head.  The sympathy and prayer cards are a very thoughful as we used them both.

Thank you very much for making a difficult day a little easier.  You truly provide a wonderful product for the animals that mean so much to us.

RIP 6/15/95 - 11/1/09

Kathy Power - Eastampton, NJ

Dear Hoyt,

I knew I couldn’t put my best friend to rest in just anything. I was losing my 11 year old baby boy, Pepper, to heart failure and the time was drawing near. I searched and searched hitting website after website until I found yours. Once I saw yours, it was very clear that was where I needed to be. I ordered on Monday hoping that he would hang on until I received it. He left us as midnight last night and I received the casket today. It was absolutely beautiful. I held him in my arms until I had to let him go. I placed him in his resting place and he fit just perfect with just enough space around the edges for his squeaky toy donkey and duck. The pillow was perfect, the lining was perfect, the finish was perfect… it all was perfect. And while I am dying inside, I feel like I gave my baby the best for his final bed. I’m planting an azalea and a boxwood around him because that was his favorite place as you’ll see in the attached picture that was taken just a few days ago.

His sister Niki and I are going to miss him greatly, but I feel so thankful that I found you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tammy Wilson - Paducah, KY

Pepper - 2008

Dear Mr Hoyt & Mrs Wanda,

Thanks so much for touching base with me. I know by your web site and the articles about you guys that you must be 2 of the most caring human beings. I knew that you were the two people I really needed right now. My boy is a standard schnauzer, 13 1/2 yrs old. He loves kids, he has watch dog title, companion dog title, he was taught to do human tracking but most of all I think he loves his Pug "sister" Calie Chan. I know the time is closer even though he has some quality days left. He has traveled with me before I became ill and has stayed with me through my illness. He deserves the best and I found you!!

Standard Schnauzer

I really appreciate your help more than words can say with this most difficult times we are facing.

Karen Baker - Kingston Springs, TN

Hi Hoyt,

We received the pet casket you made for our precious Ranger about 2 weeks ago. We put Ranger down this past Friday, July 26, 2013 and we buried her, at our new home to be in September, this afternoon next to our bedroom at the house. The casket was BEAUTIFUL and it fit her perfectly. We also put several things of hers in with her. She went VERY PEACEFULLY as she had no more strength in her to go on. Randy and I are at peace knowing we made the right decision for she went as far as she could go. She was 16 yrs old and 4 months...God was good to us and letting us have her through my birthday in June..Randy and I wrote her a letter and buried it in the casket with her telling her what she mean't to us..The light blue lining matched her blue eyes as they were open just enough to see them..Can't thank you enough for all your help in ordering her casket and burying her with dignity. She is now a resident of Rainbow Bridge which we have found great comfort in.. Again thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Laurie and Randy Patnode - Baldwinsville, NY

Thank you, Mr. Northcutt.

I have ordered a pet casket from you before and the workmanship was exceptional. Not to mention that you were very kind to me on the phone and offered to mail the casket earlier than scheduled, if needed.

Kristen Roosa - San Diego, CA

Hoyt Northcutt:

Received the order today and the craftpersons model is beautiful and just what we had in mind for our beloved Sheltie, Houdini. He is with us now for 15 years but we know that his time with us is coming to end soon. We needed to be prepared and ready for our boy to have a dignified farewell. The unit was packed perfectly and arrived in Roanoke in excellent condition. Thank you and many blessings to you and yours for the love, care and compassion that goes into your work.

James Gibson - Roanoke, VA

Dear Hoyt Northcutt:

Thank you for the beautiful casket and sympathy card. You helped to ease my
pain at this very difficult time and for that I will be forever grateful.

Very best wishes,
Mark Petty - Enfield, CT

Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I was with your creation. My little sweet soul looked so peaceful. It gave me peace of mind to lay him to rest that way. Thank you so much for providing such a lovely service to grieving "parents". He really was like my son. My only complaint was how long it took UPS to get it to me once you entrusted it to them. It was nice talking with you and you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your wife. I can understand how important of a link your pets now are with her. Good luck to you and God bless you!

Kit Eber - Twelve Mile, IN

Thank you very much.

I needed to get it here as fast as possible because my cat took a turn for the worse. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness at this particularly difficult time in my life.

Thank you,
Marian Rosenberg - Kettering, OH


I received my order last week, but I only just opened the box this afternoon before storing it away until it's needed. Please accept my sincerest thanks for Matthew's beautiful "going to Heaven" casket. It's just beautiful; the quality of your work is superb. I appreciate you going the extra mile to get me the Dogs at Rainbow Bridge lining material I wanted. You made me feel like my order was as important to you as it was to me. I also want to compliment you on the manner in which you prepared the casket for shipping. It arrived in perfect condition.

Thank you again,
Elizabeth Satterfield - Pottsboro, TX

Dear Mr. Northcutt,

Today I ordered my fourth casket from your wonderful company. Our cat, Dallas, is 18yrs. old, and we know she won't be with us much longer. To bury her with dignity and love in one of your beautiful caskets is the least we can do for all the pleasure she has brought into our lives. When the time comes, she'll be put to rest beside our 3 dogs- just as she used to sleep with them.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a difficult thing a little easier.

Dorothy Wilkins - Angier, NC

Dear Hoyt,

I just had a chance to read your message and I want to say Thank You from my heart. Your kindness and extra effort to help a stranger brought tears to my eyes. I can't believe you made the soft pet cover as a gift as well!

My sweet Lolly was rescued, as were all our 26 pets. In her case, found as a kitten in a sealed box near a local lake when, thank God, someone happened to see the box move. Her personality is as beautiful as her ultra-soft black Burmese coat & expressive eyes & I've been the lucky one to be blessed with her singular devotion. Thirteen years is far too short a time in the company of an angel, but your empathy and effort will help soften our final parting.

I'd nearly given up on finding a natural casket that "felt right" to my heart, but when I finally saw your website, I knew we were in the right hands. Thank you again, Hoyt.

Most Sincerely,
Helen Arian - Crescent City, CA


Thank you so much for your kindness. My wife and I appreciate it. Again thank you and God bless you.

Bob and Cecelia Mitchell - Darien, WI

Mr. Northcutt,

I just want to thank you again for your outstanding service. This is my second time ordering a casket from "Angel Sleeping" and I am just as satisfied as my first. It is truly beautiful.

With sincerest gratitude,
Wendy Abernathy - Franklin, TN

Dear Hoyt,

Thank you. We lost a pet of over 26 years yesterday and we wanted to get him something nice one last time.

Mike Fielder - Haltom City, TX

Dear Hoyt,

I wanted to let you know I received the casket for my precious little dachshund Donka. She would have turned 16 on November 7th, God must have needed another angel sooner. I was very pleased with the craftmanship that you and your wife put into making them. It was nice to know that it was made by other animal loving people. It made a sad situation a little more bearable. She was an awesome dog and will truly be missed.

Thank you,
Kim LePone - Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Dear Mr Northcutt,

We want to thank you for building our dog Tucker a beautiful home for his final resting place! Losing him has been the most difficult thing we have had to endure. In times of inclement weather,we feel reassured that "our baby" is dry and comfortable. We acknowledge that all of this would not have been possible, had it not been for you! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! May God bless you each and every day! We look forward to seeing Tucker again, at the Rainbow Bridge. We know he will tell us how comfortable he has been! How can we ever thank you enough!

Our heartfelt gratitude,
Patrick, Diane, Christina, Chelsea and Tucker Connelly

Dear Hoyt,

I would like to thank you for your kindness and the superb workmanship you did with the casket.  It was beautifully done, inside and out. 
I adopted Mouth when she was 9 weeks old over 17 years ago.  She was a constant joy for us over the years although my husband said we could have done without the hairballs!   Since my husband and I are childless, Mouth became our surrogate child and so you can imagine how lonely the house is without her presence especially since she was constantly at our side whether it be sewing, watching television, baking, making the bed, or taking a shower... she had to be in the middle of it all! 
The other reason I am writing to you concerns the story of 'The Rainbow Bridge' which I had never heard of before this.  It is a beautiful heart-warming story that brought comfort to us.  We buried her last night after reading the story in the backyard; the weather was typical Oswego-style in fall - cold, rain and blustery winds.  It was also dark outside, all of which fit our mood for the task at hand.  This morning my husband went to breakfast with his best friend to their usual local diner and as they drove across the bridge which gives a spectacular view of Lake Ontario, they came upon a double rainbow.  He said the rainbows looked as if they rose from behind the lighthouse and ended somewhere out west towards Rochester spanning the length of the lake... not a break in either one.  It was such a sight that onlookers were emerging from stores and homes to take in the sight!  I wish that I could have seen it.  When he told me about the rainbows later this morning, I couldn't help but remember the story of the Rainbow Bridge; my husband had forgotten about it until I mentioned it again.  Of course, it brought tears to our eyes to think that maybe it was a sign from heaven that our Mouth had made it to the Rainbow Bridge.  God has so many different ways of showing us that He exists if we just open our hearts to be able to see it.  Some might say it was coincidence.  My sister doesn't believe in coincidences... I am inclined to agree.
Again, thank you.
Laura and Dick Munski - Oswega, NY

Dear Hoyt,

I loved the casket that we selected for Buddy, my Maine Coon cat.
The good news is that he survived his cancer surgery on Tuesday and is doing pretty well. We may have him a little bit longer and may not have to use casket for awhile.
It was just beautiful and it arrived on Thursday afternoon.
Thank you so much for your compassion and speed with which you completed this order. I can't thank you enough.
Georgia Fortune Davenport - Northport, NY

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful casket I ordered from you for my dog. It arrived in perfect condition due to the great packing job. I didn't even realize that it came with the pillow and pet cover,
it was so nice. In spite of the fact that it was a very sad day for me, I felt happy knowing that she would be resting in something as beautiful as she was.

Thank you again for everything,
Robin Marder - Huntington, NY

 Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

I want to let you know we were extremely satisfied with the service and product we received from your company! 
My original call was made after regular business hours, and you graciously took time to explain your products and help me decide on a final resting place for our best friend, Cricket.  The casket arrived as promised, and the craftmanship was truly representative of the professionalism and quality I expected.  We lost our best friend on July 9th, a little sooner than we expected, but she is now at peace and waiting for us (along with her mother) at Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you again for your company and the wonderful professional service you provide! 
Mary Skowbo - San Angelo, TX.

The Northcutts,

We would like to thank you for providing our beloved pets casket.  Bingo was part of our family for 18 years and he deserved so much more than a cardboard box and the Northcutt's were able to provide that.  Bingo was able to be put away the way he deserved.  Our family was there and a few friends and the poem and prayer card that the Northcutt's provided were the perfect words for our beloved Bingo.  There will never be enough words to express our gratitude.

Jackie and Sharon Narramore - Mc Minnville, TN

Hi Hoyt,

I received the casket on Thursday and it looks beautiful. Thank you
for your quick attention to getting my order out to me. I'm sure my
cat Basil will be comfortable in his final resting place.

Thank you again,
Jeffrey Brown - Hooksett, NH

Dear Angel Sleeping Caskets,

I received the beautiful white casket lined with pink satin/pillow/cover for my precious Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Darla.  We will miss her so much.  Thank you so much for a beautiful final resting place & the lovely words of comfort.
Dr. Sue Barrett - Folsom, CA

Angel Sleeping,

Thank you so much for your beautiful product.  It was helpful to have such a wonderful product to place our beloved Holly.  The workmanship was exquisite and the kind words included provided solice at a time of extreme difficulty.  We had her in our life for almost 15 years, your product was a fitting resting place for such a sweet and loyal companion.

Vicki Molnar - Divernon, IL

Dear Sir,

I received my pet casket for my departed and much loved cat, Tiffany. I am well pleased with the purchase. The card and funeral prayer were very helpful. This has been a very difficult time for my wife and me. We loved Tiffany dearly. She was a special cat to her. In times of pain and ailments my wife experienced, Tiffany always came to her and laid her body gently on the very area that was hurting. This occurred many times over the years. The last two years Tiffany suffered from hyperthyroidism. As a result she slowly lost weight from 11 pounds to about maybe 3 when she died.She was a beautiful cat with big emerald green eyes. She passed away today at 8:00 this morning. Needless to say it was a very sad affair realizing the need to prepare for her death. She definitely deserved a proper and fitting funeral. The casket we bought for her from you gave her that honor. It was hard digging a grave but I loved her and gladly did the best I could. Everything worked  out fine. She is now resting peacefully.
The story about the rainbow bridge touched my heart and gave me a big boost of hope. Hope that my wife and I will see her again brought tears of joy.
Thank you for the thoughtful cards and the beautiful casket we gave Tiffany.
Michael Majetic South St. Paul, MN

Dear Friends,
I bought your pet casket back in 2006 in anticipation of the day my Jelly Belly would die. It had been in storage in the shed until March 20, 2009, when she died. When I finally unpacked the casket I was truly happy to have such a beautiful resting place for her. Thank you for making it possible. I know your family had health issues when I ordered; I pray God's care has been good to you. Thank you again and may God bless you and your great service.

Michael E. Krue - Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Friends,

Thank you dear friends, for a beautifully crafted casket. We could not have asked for a more loving resting place for our dog, Camille, who passed away on January 9th. May God continue to bless your efforts to help families in their times of grief. 
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Dennis M. Davidson - Colorado

Mr. Northcutt,
You may remember I purchased a casket from you several months ago for a dog that was sick and ended up getting better at that time.
We live in Van Buren, Ar,. well, my baby passed away yesterday and we put him in the Mahogany casket with the blue flannel lining and it did look like my little angel just sleeping.
Thank you so much for the great work you do, my little angel can rest in peace and in a beautiful casket.
You know when you are alone and have no children these animals are your children and little Robbie was the light of my life (as I told him each day) for many years.
Thank you again for helping to make this a little easier.
Jeff Dale - Van Buren, AR

Robbie and Zach
"Robbie and Zach together once more"

Mr. Northcutt,

Thank you for this shipment. I never thought I'd ever be ordering one again so soon.

I lost my Robbie (On your testimonial site above) in January and I'm still crushed, My Zach was diagnosed with terminal cancer in August and is going down now but still getting around so this will be for the future, I didn't even open just put in a spare room till needed.

Today my 6 year old Greyhound went the Vet and his lab work turned out bad and we are back tomorrow as they think possibly cancer.

I'm not sure I can handle another one like this.

Thanks again as Robbie's casket was so beautiful and my little angel looked like an angel in it I still cry for him each day.

I hope I don't have to use this one very soon and hope my third baby does ok.

You do a great job and there has to be an extra special reward for someone like you in heaven all the comfort and peacy you bring in a most difficult time for people.


Jeff Dale


Dear Mr. Northcutt,

January of 2009 I lost my little Robbie whose picture is on your site of testimonials He was put to rest in one of your beautiful Mahogany pet caskets.

In August my Zach was diagnosed with cancer and given 4 months, I went ahead in the fall and ordered another casket just like my Robbie had as I knew I'd need in a few months.

Well, my little angel lasted 6 1/2 months but lost his battle with cancer on March 1st.

I took him and buried him next to my Robbie.

Thank you again for such a beautiful casket to put him away in as he deserved the best. He was my Little Perfect one!

I miss him each day and I honestly struggle each day now as I lost both within about 13 months apart.

My Robbie and my Zach are together now!

Jeff Dale
St. Petersburg, Fl

Dear Folks,
Several months ago we ordered a pet casket from you.  I knew our dog was getting up there in age and I did not want to be not prepared when he went. On June 30, 2008 we lost our old friend. I was relieved to know that we were prepared. I had a place picked out by the house and a nice box to put him in the ground with. I did not want to think about just digging a hole and putting him in the ground.
Thank You for your service. It was worth every penny.
Ray Kirker - West Lafayette , Ohio

Dear Mr. Northcutt,
Thank you for providing a beautiful and quality product for our special little friend. After much research, your product stood out not only as the best resting place for our precious cat, Nikole, but your prices are also very reasonable.
I ordered the casket as the outset of our dear Nikole's illness, and after months of treatment and loving care, it became obvious that the time had come to tell her goodbye. Our doctor came to the house to administer the final act of kindness, and we felt so blessed that we had a beautiful casket in which to place our beloved pet.
Not only is the casket beautiful and well-made, but the sympathy card was very touching. It meant so much to read this card during a very difficult time. I will definitely order from your company again. My husband and I have always kept a pet casket at our home so that we are prepared in the event of an untimely loss of one of our dear pets.
Thank you again for the beautiful casket.
Jacklyn Grimshaw - Arroyo Grande, CA

Mr. Northcutt,

I received the casket yesterday, 3 hours before Chance passed away.  He had taken the turn for the worse, getting sick, couldn't relieve himself and was in pain, therefore, we took his pain away and we are so sad we can barely stand it. Life without him is going to be tuff. 
The casket was beautiful and I am at ease knowing we didn't put him in a bag or a cardboard box.  He look beautiful in his resting box.  Bless and thank you.
Janice & Steve Waltjen and our beloved pet "Second Chance" - Pasadena, MD

Mr. Northcutt,

I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful white casket. I ordered the casket Thursday and it was delivered Friday morning. The ladies that delivered it were also very nice (my husband and I live in Cookeville). We appreciated the fast service. Our westie, Abbie, passed away Saturday morning from a short illness of Cancer. We had looked at the Mahogany casket as well, it is so pretty but we thought that the white looked like Abbie. I had Abbie for over 12 years, she was my child. She was the most perfect baby, my husband and I were so lucky and blessed to have her. I had forgotten to order the side liner and pillow when I ordered her casket but after we wrapped her in her favorite pillow and placed her with all her buddies, we decided that the liner and pillow probably wouldn't fit. As you know, girls don't travel lightly.She looked beautiful in her chariot for her trip. I am so thankful for the way that you design your caskets, I appreciate that they do look more like furniture and not so morbid. I thought that it looked more like a cozy little drawer. I am also very thankful that the casket was made personally and not at some factory where it's assembly line and no one really cares where it's going. Thank you so very much and God bless you.

Thank you so much,
Kerri McIntosh - Cookeville, TN

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

We would really like to express our thanks to Mr. Northcutt for all of his help during the loss of our beloved Roxie. He went above and beyond with all the help he gave us during this time. She looked so peaceful in her special casket just as though she were just sleeping. It was a tragic loss. We had her from six weeks. She would have been ten years this june. She was our little girl but we lost her due to cancer. She is in a better place with no more pain. I am just not sure how we could have gotten through this time without the help of Mr. Northcutt and the help and words of sympathy. We will not forget this and have told friends of his great services. Nothing is better than knowing we buried our precious and faithful little companion roxie in her own little casket. She was a puppy that we got to share almost ten years with which seemed too short but God must have needed a special little angel. We want to thank Mr. Northcutt again for all of his help. I don't think I could have managed that day without his help. It was one of the hardest things you have to do to let go. 

Again all our thanks,
Doug and Jeanine Fults - McMinnville, TN

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

Thank you so much for your quick response in filling my order. I sure wish I didn't need it, but I am thankful that you and your wife fill a need with your business. From your website I sense a care and concern for pets and their pet owners and the products you offer are not "over the top" or "extravagant."

My beloved feline companion, Jingles, is gravely ill and I'm trying to get things in order so that I'm as ready as I can be when his time comes to an end. I had looked into the option of cremation (which was not something I wanted to do), so when I found your website and prices, I was pleased to find out that ordering a simple, but nice wooden box was a much cheaper (and preferred) option.

Thanks again,
Donna Kelley - MN

Dear Hoyt,
You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you are doing well. I want to thank you so much for the skill and excellent craftsmanship you put into my Angel's cat casket. I thank God for your precious spirit, honesty and integrity. God led me to your site - it was a divine appointment. It is too painful now to look at the pictures my parents made of her burial in their yard, but they told me the casket and the Angel Sleeping pillow were more beautiful than the pictures showed. My mother told me the pillow your wife made was exceptionally lovely. They talked about the many fine details, quality and creativity that you put into the casket and I know my beloved Angel got the very best that she deserved with her name even written on it! Any other way and I wouldn't have gotten the peace that I have from knowing you and your wife made her casket and pillow. When I spoke with you on the phone when I ordered it, you really ministered to me. I am sorry you lost your wife temporarily and for a short time while on this earth. Like your stirring poem says, you will be reunited with her and see her again, soon Like the Bible says, we are all here as a short vapor or mist. I loved both your poems. They spoke to my heart.
Sherry Black - Centennial, CO

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

Thank you so much for your efforts in getting our pink casket to us
yesterday. It arrived wrapped better than any package we have received. It
meant a lot to us to be able to properly bury our companion of some 13

Ray Hudman - KY

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

Thank you for replying. I have no idea sometimes how that works. I really appreciate the time you put into
your making this easier. This will be my second purchase from you.  Hopefully the last, but we know how that can be with older pets.

Bless you for what you do,

Susan Lumpkin
Somebuddies, Inc. 

Dear Mr. Northcutt,
Thank you so much for sending the casket.  My beloved Chubby was a 18 year old Himalayan Persian who had been of good health until about 1 month ago.  I just didn't think it would happen this quick.  He deserved so much more than being committed to ground in a shoebox.  I thank you for understanding and I am thankful I came across your web site.  I have a 17 yr. old Siamese, who currently is of good health, however I will be purchasing a casket for her from you in the near future. 
Thank you again, and God Bless you both!
Carolyn Williams - Waynesboro, VA


We couldn't have timed it any better. Garfield passed away at 8:15 PM
tonight. The casket was beautiful. Thanks for quick turn around and wonderful
craftsmanship. I wish I didn't have to use it so soon.

Greg Frasier - McMinnville, TN

Dear Mr. Northcutt,

Please allow me to express my gratitude and appreciation
for your speedy help in the resolution of my problem. I buried my little
friend that same day thanks to you. I simply could not
bear to put her into the dirt without a little protection. Thank you again
for such compassion and understanding at a time when my grief was
inconsolable. I will forever be grateful. She was all I had.

Salenda McCullough - Woodbury, TN

Dear Mr. Northcutt: 

We want to thank you for providing us the opportunity to lay our pets to rest in the same manner in which they lived. Our cats, Gus and Brute, were a part of our family for many years, and we had to say goodbye to both within a matter of a few days - very unexpected. I found you on the web and ordered two caskets to arrive by next day air. The moment we looked at the caskets we knew they were created with love and compassion. I can never explain how comforting it is to know that their final resting place is as lovely as the home we created for them all those years. God bless you for your talent and desire to share it with the world.

Warmest Regards,
Michelle and Steve Tempkin - Tampa, FL

Dear Mr. Northcutt: 

I can never express my thanks to you for the beautiful casket for my Ginger Fancy.  Her loss has been a great blow to me, but because of you I have peace in her resting.  You gave me so much comfort with your help the day my order wouldn't go through on the website, and I would not have been able to put her properly at rest without your help.  May God bless and comfort you.... always.  You will continue in my thoughts and prayers.
Jan May - Madison, Alabama

Dear Hoyt,
Thanks for the order it was very nice. I will be back in touch later if I lose another pet.

Ray Bailey - Bennettsville, SC

Dear Hoyt,

I received the casket you made Friday morning in plenty of time for my little Mitch's funeral.  My husband and I, and the man at the pet cemetary who did the funeral arangements, were amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship of the casket you made.  The internet pictures don't do it justice.
Mitch  looked very comfortable since you made it the perfect size for him.    Little Mitch deserved the very best and thanks to you he is now peacefully resting in the very best.  Knowing that my little baby was finally content to be resting in peace made the "letting go" process easier for me.  Again, thank you Hoyt for preparing such a lovely casket.
Barbara Badawy - Walled Lake, MI

Thank you Hoyt,
And thank you also for making this special order for me.   I'm sure it will be beautiful -love the pictures online.  It's also meaningful to me that a born again man of God prepared the final resting place for my loved one.  May God bless you and help you thru your time of grief as well.  Thanks again.
Barb Badawy - Walled Lake, MI

Dear Angel Sleeping,
Thank you so much, we're very grateful that you are there and
doing such beautiful work.
We hope that Wanda is recovering quickly,
all the best to you, 
Victoria Lightman - Houston, TX

Mr & Mrs Northcutt,

I received the casket for Sully on Sat before noon. It truly made his day very special and I wanted to again thank you for such a wonderful service. It was all beautiful. Your sympathy and special cards were truly thoughtful. May GOD bless you for your kindness.

Sincerely and in prayer,
Cindy and Lundy Riley
Zuni, Virginia

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you for giving me peace of mind. I have a dear Brussels Griffon named Eli ,who is 14 years old and in poor health. He still has lots of life left, but I know when he dies, I will be too distraught to go looking for caskets. I'm so glad I found your web site  and although I will never be prepared to let him go, at least he will have a beautiful resting place.
Joan Eschman - Knoxville, TN

Dear Hoyt,

Thank you so very much. We were very pleased with the last casket we
ordered from you 2 years ago. It really eased my mind to know my little
guy was put to rest in such a beautiful little casket. He looked to
peaceful in it. I'm sure this one will look as beautiful as the other.

The last time I talked to you by e-mail, your wife, Wanda, was in the
hospital and was very ill. How is she? I hope she has made a full

Thank you again. God bless you and your wife.
Rhonda Myers - Port St. Lucie, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Northcutt,

Thank you so very much for your kindness during this most upsetting
My Sophie, a miniature dapple Dachshund, would have celebrated her 15th
birthday on February 21st. She was truly my Sweet Angel.

Florence Alvaro - Philadelphia, PA


Received the casket for our special little kitty "Samantha." It was even more beautiful than I could
imagine. I can tell that you and your wife put a lot of love and understanding in your services. I am
very sorry about your loss, my prayers will be with you.
God bless, 
Mike Perry - Marion, OH 

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,
This is to let you know how thankful I was to have the beautiful little
casket you built when my beloved Sput died.  On Feb. 8th., she went
to be with the Lord, and is now united with all of her little friends.
I have comfort in my heart knowing that I too will be united with my
precious little Angel one day.
Sput developed too many complications from a blood  clot which damaged
her heart beyond repair.  I did something I thought I'd never do - I had
my vet. put her to sleep during the final hours of her life.  I could
not let her continue to suffer the way she did the last  few days of her
Wanda, I hope you are doing well, and will recover from your illness.  I
will continue to remember you in my daily prayers.
Thanks for sending such a beautiful casket - I feel great comfort
knowing she was buried in the way she deserved.
May God bless both of you, 
Nellie Sparrow - Hawkinsville, GA

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,
Let me say first, God Bless You for offering your skills to the pet community.
When I learned we would lose Patch, we decided to search the internet for a pet casket. Out of ALL the sites we looked at, your caskets were the most beautiful! 
We received it in time and in great condition. We stained it and carved his name on the top. We also decided to make a memorial inside the lid. we took a plexy glass and inserted pictures of our other pets and family members who were close to Patch.
We brought it to our vet who then prepared Patch for his coming home. Doc commented how beautiful his casket was and wanted your website to forward to her patients who might need your services in the future. Patch was Beautiful.
The prayers you included were very comforting.
Thank You,
Angelia Boudreaux - Breaux Bridge, LA

Dear Hoyt,
Thank you for your condolences.  I really appreciate your kind words and more than anything appreciate the business you and your wife run.  It just makes it so much easier to deal with knowing that my baby yorkie will have a beautiful casket and not just a wooden box.  Something special like she was to me. 
The casket I purchased from you before was a deluxe, I want to say cherry wood casket, that I purchased for my little male yorkie that died of cancer in June of 2004.
I will keep you and Wanda in my thoughts and prayers. 
Take care and God bless you both!
Thanks again!
Rhonda Myers - Port St. Lucie, FL

Dear Hoyt,
First of all, I was so sorry to learn of Wanda's illness on the website.  I certainly hope and pray that she is on the road to recovery.  As you can see from the message below, I purchased a pet casket from you early last year in anticipation of the inevitable loss of my beloved 15-year old Manx, Andy.  He had been my ex-wife's cat for the first eight years of his life when she and I got together.  Well, unfortunately, she and I didn't last very long, but he and I had hit it off so well that he came with me when we left.  Well, I had to have him put to sleep last Saturday.  Looking back, there were signs I missed that I should have acted on and maybe he would have been around even longer, but he had a good, long run of 17 years, 4 months, and 4 days.  I just didn't know the ways a cat  reacts to illness and the list was long; diabetes, kidney failure, hyper-thyroidism, heart murmur, oral infection, etc.  I thought he was eating a lot less because of the East Texas summer heat.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful casket and the obvious care and detail that went into it.  Your care and craftsmanship brought a little beauty and dignity into an otherwise terrible day.  I don't think I've ever been more pleased with myself than when I lay his little head on the "Angel Sleeping" pillow and covered him with the beautiful satin blanket and placed him in his special place between the towering elm/sweetgum trees in the backyard garden he loved to "roam."  Would that we might all go as well.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Larry Crabb - TX

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

My order was received yesterday August 3 via UPS. I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in packing my order. The casket was professionally wrapped and packed and was indicative of a person who is very conscientious. Please see that the person who did this job is notified. I am also very pleased with the casket. I will recommend your company to my friends as needed. Keep up the good work and again thank you.

Martin Theil - Stroudsburg, PA

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your email letting me know my casket was on its way early. You must be the most thoughtful people on earth! Not only do you make lovely affordable pet caskets for those that need them, but you show compassion by working late on a casket for someone in need. You are dear, sweet people. I will always remember this kindness shown during my time of sorrow. It's so comforting to know that someone understands the pain felt when a pet dies.
My deepest appreciation and thanks to you both,

Bless you,
Christine Connelly - Falls Church, VA

Dear Mr Hoyt & Mrs Wanda,

Hope your day has been a good one. I wanted to let you know that the casket arrived safely today. It is beautiful. I can tell by the wonderful work that a lot of love and genuine caring went into this. The inside is just perfect and the pillow and little blanket are so special. I am now ready for the time when I have to make the decision. You have helped me be able to be prepared and not make my wonderful boy stay longer than he should by using not being ready as an excuse.  He deserves the best and that means me making "the call" and the special "box" made with so much love by the both of you.
Words can never say how much it means.  So I will just say "thanks" and hope you know how deeply I mean this.
Karen Baker - Kingston Springs, TN

Dear Hoyt,
Thank you so much for the quick response and I think that the casket we chose was made for Belle our Boston Terrier. We always had her in pink sweaters in the winter time so a pink casket seems to fit perfectly for her and her personality! You are the only website that offered that choice and the only website that made me feel like it was a real compassionately run business.
Amy Zvorsky - Lancaster, PA 

Dear Hoyt,

Thank you very much . The casket arrived Monday, April 17th,2006 , at 10:14 am. Now we can put MacDuff to rest. . Appreciate, all of your help , care and concern . You have a great company and I will spread the good word here in Northern California. Most appreciative of everything you have done.

Frederic Farb - San Francisco, CA

Dear Hoyt,

Thank you so much for your help and  shipping the casket on Good Friday . It means so much to me and my family during this sad time.. Most appreciative of your professionalism . You are a kind good man. Wish you and your family a Good Easter. Again, much  Thanks.

Fred Farb - San Francisco, CA

Dear Hoyt,

Many thanks to you for understanding my urgency to get the casket and for spending the extra time.
My warmest wishes to you and Wanda

Amy Musikantow - Sister Bay, WI

Dear Hoyt,

Thank you again for taking care of my situation. The casket arrived today as promised and I'm so pleased. My precious angel "Clyde" will be laid to rest where he was happiest here in Wisconsin. 
Your love and prayers are so appreciated, 
Amy Musikantow - Sister Bay, WI

Hoyt and Wanda,
I just wanted to share with you that the casket arrived in good condition!  There was a fist sized hole punched in the side of the carton, apparently by UPS, so it is a good that you did a great job of packing the casket!  The only problem was one piece of end trim was coming loose on the lid.  My Brother Ben got some finishing nails to tack it back in place, but we decided just to push it back together instead of taking a chance on damaging the trim by driving small finishing nails in it!  So, I was very happy with the casket for my dearest friend Nikki.

Nikki was buried down in the country where my Mom and Dad live.  She was buried along a fence row covered in honeysuckle in bloom and that sweet smell in the air.  Her grave was dug under the limb line of a cherry tree with her head in the midday shade and her arthritis crippled hips in the midday sun.  She is lying on her side in her casket, her face and nose are pointed toward the East for I know God just has to have a place for all of His creations!

If Nikki is denied Heaven, then why would I want to be there?
The "Rainbow Bridge" sharing on the back of your sympathy card turned out to be very appropriate for Nikki's burial.  A heavy rain came from out of the SouthWest halfway through the chore of digging her grave.  So, I went to the house to wait for the rain to ease up and to get the pickup and Nikki.  When I returned to the grave site, a beautiful rainbow was on the horizon in the East.  Naturally, I had to take a break until the tears subsided! Nikki fought hard to survive, but I had to have Dr. Bond to give her those dreaded shots on Thursday May 18th at 11:00 A.M.  Although Nikk was on the doorstep of death, when I would tell her that I loved her and asked her for a kiss goodbye, she would take a break from her deathbed suffering and lick my face.  No greater love and devotion have I known! My American Eskimo Snowflake is nearing 15, so I will probably be ordering another casket from you in the not too distant future in preparation for her departure instead of waiting until the last minute as I did with Nikki.  Snowflake lost her eyesight to glaucoma in 1999 and had surgery to place small plastic balls in her eyes versus removing her eyes and sewing her eyelids shut.  I first met Snowflake at a pet store, and she is the dear friend who helped me survive the clinical depression of my divorce in December of 1990.  Such is the why of her not being put down when she went blind!   

Thanks again for your wonderful product and especially for the good packing job which prevented the casket from being damaged by UPS.  God bless you too!
With best regards, 
Bobby M Walters - Lousiville, KY
P.S. Perhaps a coincidence, but I bought 2 dozen red roses for Nikki last Saturday before Mother's Day! I arranged them in a vase, mixed the rose food in water, and they were looking good and their blooms were blossoming!  I place the roses over her pallet when in the kitchen and when I moved her to my bed. When I returned home Thursday night from burying Nikki, her roses had bowed their blooms and were dying too. Perhaps only mere coincidence; perhaps not?

I just wanted to say thank you for working to get my delivery ready for me to receive tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I also had to use your service this time last year.  Both times you have been so very kind to me during a very difficult time.  Just wanted to say thank you again for everything...

Dana J. Hopper - Pell City, AL

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

Thank you so much for constructing the casket for Nevada over the weekend to save me on shipping costs. Service like that is just unheard of these days. It is hard enough to get anybody to do anything at all, much less go out of their way to save the customer money. 
You two are definitely heaven sent and I can't thank you enough for your caring and compassion and superb customer service.  I would definitely recommend you to a friend.
Thanks so much and please be careful if more tornadoes head your way.
Many thanks, 
Kathy Watzek - Katy, TX

Dear Hoyt and Wanda Northcutt,
My name is Dee Hughes. My husband, Michael and I recently purchased a pet casket from you. We had a miniature schnauzer at the time which was 13 years old. He had cancer of the spleen which had spread to his liver and we knew that his time with us was short so we wanted to order the casket and be prepared when he had to leave us.
This weekend his health really took a turn for the worse so on Monday we had him put to sleep. As you are probably well aware, it was a very difficult decision to make but he is no longer in pain or suffering and we feel in our hearts we did the right thing at the right time.  We brought "Nikki" home, placed him in the casket wrapped in a blanket with a toy and some family photos surrounding him. He looked very peaceful. He is buried in our backyard in a very special place. We read out loud to him the card that was enclosed in the casket from you and then we placed the card on top of the casket.
He will forever be in our hearts and we thank you for his lovely final resting place. 
Michael and Dee Hughes - Mooresville, NC

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,
I wanted to write and tell you how pleased we were with the final resting place you made for our Ozzie. It was crafted beautifully and we were happy to have such a wonderful place for him.  He is now in our back yard under a big tree. My husband, I and the 5 Yorkies  all miss our Ozzie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) very much.
Thank you for providing a wonderful service. Would you please let me know when you will have markers available.
Also, Hoyt, I was touched by your poem at the bottom of your website. It is so very true.
God Bless,
Cindy Bethman - Mount Bethel, PA

Good afternoon Wanda and Hoyt,
Thanks for your service , everything was wonderful!
Bless you both, 
Daniel & Joan Beasley - Sanford, NC

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

Thank you for offering a quality yet affordable container for my loving pet (13 year old female collie). She has an illness that will probably take her soon and I want to be ready to provide for her burial needs.

Thanks again,
Martha Glasgow - Longview, TX


Hello,  Received my UPS package with pet casket today.  What a beautiful item!  Please tell your sweet wife Wanda that I said "Thank--you" so much for the little pillow with Ziggy's picture on it.  I am just sure that extra added touch is her doing. Hee, Hee.
Thank-you both again, so much for your wonderful product and especially for all your kind words.  I'm hoping not to need this beautiful box anytime soon but am comforted knowing it's here just in case.
All my best to you and Wanda, 
Brenda M. Utah - Lake Arrowhead, CA

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets

The casket arrived on time and made a difference in having to bury my dear
sweet souled Savannah. It was even nicer than expected.

Thanks again,
Karen Johnson - Simpsonville, SC


Wow, what a wonderful product!  The quick service was nice too. Thanks for being on the Internet!!!! And thanks for the quick shipment of the casket. The quality of this casket is exceptional! After checking out what the local pet cemetery had for wood caskets I pretty much decided I would  have to make my own.......... then I found your site.
What a relief........
Maggie Johnson - Dayton, OH

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you, I received it on Tuesday and it is beautiful. My cat is still hanging in there but now I am at peace with myself to have this here for him when the time comes.

Thank you again for everything,
Cathi Teplitza - Windber, PA

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

I received my shipment. I appreciate the care in which Clementine's final "nesting box" was wrapped and packed. I appreciate your understanding and compassion.

Thank You,
Karla Addington-Smith - Maineville, OH

Hoyt and Wanda,

Thank you very much. My family appreciates your efforts in making Babe's passing easier, especially for our Mom.

Janice M. Conner - Walls, MS

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

Thank You! My Baby is still alive but she's in her last days trying to stay alive she's 17.5 years old. Thank You so much for having this beautiful casket.

John Cruz - Davenport, FL

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that we purchased an Angel Sleeping Pet Casket a few months ago in preparation for the loss of our 4-legged child, Biscuit, a 15 year old terrier mix.  He was rescued from a bad situation when only 6 weeks old and lived a life of a king with his two servants (me and my wife) tending to his every need.  He was diagnosed with a form of squamous(sp) cell carcinoma in the upper jaw area and there were no available procedures to remove the tumor safely without causing him a great deal of pain and the possible loss of the eye.  Given his age we elected to make him as comfortable as possible for the weeks to come until his quality of life had been replaced with pain and discomfort.  With that diagnosis, we order his casket which we received as promised.  We were both stunned at how nice the casket was and told many people in our area of your service -- including our family veterinarian.  We made the decision this last weekend to let go of our Kid with the procedure being done in our home.  It was very peaceful and the last thing he saw was us holding him and telling him goodbye before he passed.  It was the most difficult thing my wife and I have had to do in our life to this point.  I do want to tell you that having his pet casket ready to go with his blanket, his favorite toys, his Christmas stocking and chew bone helped us so much during this extremely difficult time.  We will do the same for all our future pet children and will tell others about Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets.  It certainly made an unbearable event in our life more bearable.
Thanks so much for what you do and the comfort you bring to pet lovers that consider their pets part of the family.  You're good people. 
The Ewing's of Kansas

I just wanted to let you know I received my pet casket today and was very pleased. I am a small animal veterinarian and deal with animal loss each day; nothing has compared to the loss of my first pet however.  Having a company such as yours has made things so much easier for me.  I will feel a great deal of closure when I can bury my beloved friend in such a respectable manner.  I truly appreciate your prompt, courteous, and professional service.  I have given our reception desk your business card for any future clients who are dealing with such a loss and choose burial as an option.  Again, thank you for your service and your website, which is so easy to navigate and makes such a difficult time a little easier.
Neala Boyer D.V.M. - Bellevue, NE

Hello Hoyt and Wanda,
Thank you so much for your excellent handling of our order,  The casket arrived at 8:00am the next day just as you promised. It was a seamless transaction that was so appreciated at this very sad and stressful time.  Also, this kind of attention to detail and fulfillment of promises in business is unfortunately becoming a rare exception rather than the rule.
We apreciate your committment to excellence.
Linda Derector and Sonia Col - Sweetie's Moms - New York, NY

Dear Mr. Nothcutt,
I placed the second order (to replace the first) with the second day air and so I'll be getting little Rascal's box on Friday.
I thank you most kindly for your wonderful caring and help to make sure that I get the box in time for Rascal.
I am glad I did not just come into work and read the email and take care of this with typing.  I am very glad that I got to speak with you.
We will be including your wife and your entire family in our nightly prays.
I feel so much better knowing that Rascal will have this lovely box to leave home in and not be wrapped in a towel.  You are helping many people honor their pets.  My two cats are the family God sent me and I am most thankful for them and I know it will help being able to provide Rascal with a beautiful, soft place to rest after he's gone.
All our best to you and your family,
Cammie Morin, Kitty and Rascal - La Quinta, CA

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,
Thank you very much for the pet casket, which I received yesterday. It was just right for my little Cleo ( and very well made. I didn't see another pet casket service online quite like yours, and certainly none as reasonably priced. Thanks also for the little cards you sent with the casket, they are a nice touch.
~Cathy Conrad & Cats - Marietta, GA

 Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

I just wanted to thank you both very much for the Pet Casket.  When I contacted Hoyt to ask what size I would need for my Himi, I was greeted with kindness and professionalism.  I truly appreciate how easy it was to pick out a final resting casket for my Thor using your website at such a sad time. 
I am just now writing this note since I have just buried Thor yesterday.  I picked up Thor at the VET and was so pleased when I finally saw the casket, it was just perfect.  I was truly impressed. 
Thank you again. 
Andrea McDonough - West Orange, NJ

Dear Hoyt & Wanda,

We got almost three extra months with our beloved Hershel and he made his transition yesterday afternoon.

I want to thank you both for Hershel's beautiful casket. Placing him in such a beautiful box eased our grief somewhat - thank you for creating such beautiful places for angels to sleep.

Annemarie Juhlian - Seattle, WA
Dear Hoyt and Wanda,
I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for everything you did for us last week.  When I ordered the Casket on Wednesday we did not even know the results of the MRI but I had a bad feeling.  We knew when we picked her up that day it wasn't going to be long but we never considered she could actually be gone on Thursday.  She died in my arms sooner than expected but I was so glad her suffering was over.
Your support through my numerous calls, working on the casket that night so it could ship the following day, gave me a tremendous piece of mind.  It arrived Friday at 10:20 and although we did have to keep her for a night past her death, I wouldn't have changed anything.  It was beautiful and she looked so peaceful that I finally felt a little comfort.  The prayer you included was read at her grave and everything was handled exactly as we hoped. 
I would especially like to Thank You for posting the Rainbow Bridge poem.  It is a beautiful visual and I told Dakota all about it.  I'll never know if she actually understood but it brought me a lot of peace thinking of her there.  She was an amazing German Shepard and we are going to miss her forever but thanks to you we were able to say our final goodbye on our terms.
Michele Myers - Downingtown, PA
Dear Hoyt and Wanda,
I want to Thankyou for all your help during this time of deep sorrow. I lost my sister-in-law on Sunday at 10am and my best friend (SPROUT)at 5pm the same day. The casket has arrived today 4/28/05 What a beautiful casket. I can not tell you how much comfort I feel. What you do is wonderful and I thankyou from the bottom of our hearts.
Tammy and Kevin McCormack-Kishlicky and Sprout too!  - Southold, NY
Dear Hoyt,

My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the beautiful casket you made for our precious Butterball. Words cannot express our grief right now over losing her, but the casket made the whole process at least tolerable for us.

She looked so beautiful in her final resting place. Butterball was so special and we used to call her Queen B or Queen Butterball, among so many other names we had for her. So, the casket was regal just like she was. It was a perfect day for her funeral.

We buried her on Valentine's Day, the sun was shining and we felt her at peace in her new home. We buried her in our backyard with trees and flowers surrounding her. It's her own little park.

Your workmanship was beyond our expectations and your prompt delivery lifted a big weight off our shoulders, enabling us to smoothly plan the day. We took pictures of Butterball in her beautiful casket.

Thank you. We will refer you to everyone we know who has pets. This is the most special and dignified way we could have buried our precious girl.

Pete & Vicki Carr - Las Vegas, Nevada
Dear Hoyt,

Thank you for making such beautiful caskets... they are lovely!!
I hope to do business with you again in the future.

Thank you!

Debra Krick - Nokomis, FL
Dear Hoyt,

I received the pet casket yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Far beyond my expectations!!! It will make it a lot easier knowing our little yorkie will have a beautiful resting bed. Unfortunately, he has been fighting cancer the past 4 months. He had his paw removed due to what they call a mast cell tumor, but it was stage I and his prognosis looked good 4 months ago. We took him to a specialist last week for his chronic ear problems and possible surgery, and the specialist told my husband and I that he had two more tumors. These tumors are very progressive and you can almost watch them grow before your eyes. He has one the size of my hand on his neck/shoulder area and another one about the size of silver dollar growing right above the surgical site from his paw surgery. They did a biospy and it came back stage III, the worse he could possibly have. The tumors have tripled in size since last Thursday and as soon as he stops eating, we are going to put him to sleep and we are so thankful to you for the beautiful bed (I will think of it as a "bed" and not a "casket") he will rest in. 

Thank you so very much for your kind words of comfort.  I am sure you will hear from me in the future, as I have a total of 3 yorkies and two cats, and I plan to give them the same burial as my little guy.  
Take care of Wanda!   Give her a  Take care and thanks again!
God bless you and Wanda!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Rhonda A. Myers - Port St. Lucie, FL

Dear Hoyt,

I want to thank you so much. I was worried that our Sasafras would not make it until her beautiful casket arrived. It arrived on June 10th as promised. She passed away in my wife's arms on June 15th. The casket was beautiful, the "Angel Sleeping" pillow was fantastic as was the blanket. Thanks again.

Charles McDaniel - McAllen, TX

Hi Hoyt,

We picked Skippy up yesterday. The casket looked wonderful. Thank you for personally delivering it to the vet's office. Such detail was paid to the casket and the blue color was so vibrant and beautiful. It was just so sad that we had to bury Skippy and that beautiful casket. But he looked at peace in it and he is now laid to rest comfortably in our back yard. I will order a grave marker today.

I just regret that we didn't get a chance to meet so we could thank you personally. However, since we live in the local area, perhaps someday we can stop by to thank you in person.

You provide a wonderful service for those of us who don't want to consider other options for our pet's remains. I have already passed your website on to our friends, Nina and Jerry, who run Ray of Hope Center in Tullahoma, a retreat for those people who are grieving for any reason. If any of our other friends and family are in need of your services, I will certainly pass your website and/or your information along to them, as well.

Again, many thanks for your assistance during this difficult time.

Best regards,
Roni & Max Jarrell - Manchester, TN

We received the casket we ordered for our Buffy this morning.  It is really beautiful, and I appreciate the prompt delivery to us.  When we ordered it this past weekend, we just knew that it would be used as soon as it arrived.  Thankfully, Buffy has rebounded again from her illness, so we will have her with us for a few more days or weeks.  She is a wonderful little dog, and we love her so much.  When the time comes though, we will be ready, thanks to you and yours.  God bless!
Karen, Jennifer, and Jimmy Snyder
Dalton, Georgia
As a funeral director, I could not bear the thought of burying my cat in a plastic bag and cardboard box.  I needed to have something more dignified to give me peace of mind.  I received the pet casket today and the craftmanship is excellent.  When the time comes that we finally have to put my cat to sleep, I will feel better knowing he has such a lovely resting place.  God bless you and your wife for providing this service to pet lovers.
Laura Bruns - West Chester, Ohio
Hi Hoyt,

Got the casket today, it looks beautiful and we are very very appreciative of the efforts you made to get it to us on time.
I'm sure we'll be doing business again - but hopefully not too soon (with lots of cats and even another dog on the way in June).
Regards and thank you again - its beautiful,
Wayne & Cindy Hodges  - Brimfield, MA

I cannot thank you enough for all you've done to make such a difficult time easier.  You made a custom size casket for my precious little rabbit.  I wanted to let you know she lost her battle with cancer just two days after the order was delivered.  It was evident the casket was made with love and that means a lot to me.  My conversation with you was comforting, as it was clear you loved animals as much as I.  The prayer card that came with the casket was beautiful and also another source of comfort.  
Also, when I took J.J. in to be euthanized the veterinarian and the nursing staff commented how beautiful the casket was and indicated that they have a need for the service you offer.  They asked for your name and information relative to your business.  I wanted to check with you first before I passed that along.  The animal hospital is located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  They are wonderful people.  I've been taking pets there for 20 years!  Please let me know if they can contact you or if you'd prefer, I'll give you their information.  
In closing, the work you do is invaluable and the love that goes into that work shows.  Please accept my gratitude for your caring and kindness.  May God continue to bless you.   
Deborah Gabriel - Cleveland, Ohio 
Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you so much for making this order a priority just for us. You have made a very difficult time just a little easier. I appreciate your excellent customer service and concern.

Wendy Mascotto  - Pflugerville, TX
Dear Hoyt:

On behalf of our five current cats and our five cats buried in "Boot Hill" in our backyard, we want to thank you for your beautiful caskets. 

We didn't find out about your company until searching the Internet in early April 2003 in anticipation of the death of Snuffy, our 19-year old cat.  At that time, we ordered two caskets so that when the time comes, we would be prepared both for Snuffy's passing and for the passing of any of our other four cats.  Fortunately, Snuffy is still with us, so he hasn't had to use his casket yet.  Unfortunately, however, Ollie, one of our two 16-year old cats, died unexpectedly in August 2003, so we were prepared and able to bury her quickly in Boot Hill with a lovely service. 

Today I ordered yet another casket from your company in order to be prepared (in reserve) for the passing of any of our other cats.  The deluxe mahogany, solid oak, custom-made, special-order caskets that we ordered from Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets last April were perfect:  well constructed (not "chintzy"), aesthetically beautiful, and delivered in record time. 

We can't thank you enough for the peace of mind that we have, knowing that we'll be well prepared whenever any one of our cats (who are, of course, our children) dies.  We will continue to order pet caskets from you and recommend you highly to our friends who have pets.  Thanks again.

Judy and Gary Kopff (and Snuffy, Everest, Cookie, Peter, and Chelsea, and the late, great Alex, Button, Prince, Damian, and Ollie)
October 21, 2003
Washington, DC

Dear Hoyt,

Thanks so much for your product. My 22 year old cat is courting kidney failure. She may pull through and of course I am praying that she will. Given her age I will need to deal with her passing before too many
more moons and knowing that I started the process of dealing with her remains relieves my mind.

Thank you for making and marketing this product.

Kathleen McKee, Michigan

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

 I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful work. It has been a rough couple of days but the family agreed that your casket was perfect. So thank you again and hope you have a wonderful day.

Nichole Hall
Dear Angel Sleeping,

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the quality of your product and the speed in which you delivered.

I bought matching caskets for my Mom's two Maltese, who were both over 13 years old, and whose chronic illnesses were compounding.

Regrettably, just a week after the first passed, her sister died peacefully in her sleep.

Having the ability to plan, and provide a dignified, caring burials for these loved family members meant the world to me, and I feel was an important step in my Mom's grieving process.

Thanks again,
Andy Gillis - Florida
Dear Angel Sleeping,

God bless you for coming to the vet's office and making all the arrangements for us. My wife and I were so upset at the loss of our Sandy that we had no idea what to do. I can't put into words how much it meant to us for you guys to place her in her casket and take care of her the way you did. Thank you for being there for us and thank you for all you did.

Mr. & Mrs. C. McCormick -Tennessee 

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Your company is indeed unique and your staff is among the most concerned and caring people I've ever met. When my cat died a few months ago and I came to you for a pet casket, I couldn't believe how helpful everyone was. I didn't even know such a service existed until I saw one of your brochures at my veterinarian's office. The comfort I felt when I saw my "best friend in the world" in that beautiful casket was immeasurable. I was touched beyond words to be able to this one last thing for someone who had been by my side for so many years. Thank you again and I will most certainly tell all my friends about your wonderful service.

Lucy Holt - Tennessee
To whom it may concern:

We wanted you to know how much better we felt when we were able to put our cat, Tuffy, in his casket and have a family service for him. We had a funeral for Tuffy in the back yard under his favorite apple tree and words can't describe the relief we felt knowing we were able to do this for him. I think it helped the kids to deal with the loss of their companion too. We just wanted you to know we appreciate your help.

C. Watts & family - Tennessee

My beloved cat passed away on August 23. I miss her so, and I cherish the nearly 22 years that she was with me. I want to tell you how much I appreciated the lovely casket that I purchased from you. If anything can make putting your pet in her final resting place any easier, the quality casket from you helped a great deal. When the time comes for family and friends to deal with the final days with their pets, I will recommend your product to them.

Kathleen McKee - Michigan

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Hi , I just wanted to write and let you know that you are providing a great service when needed. In just over a year I have lost 5 dogs. One week after 9-11,I lost my spitz that I had for around 14 years. On that new years day I found 5 puppies abandoned and hungry along side the road in the rural area that I live in . Another man stopped to help me catch them and took one. Then around March 16th or so the 4  I had were poisoned along withh 8 others in the area. All are buried in my yard on the 2 and 1/2 acres I have along with two other dogs I have lost due to age over the past 6 years or so. I now have 3 dogs under 1 year old and hopefully I won't need your services for a lot of years now. I will remember your site for the future and if I know of anyone else with the need I will pass it on. Sorry to bore you so long but I just
wanted to say keep it up.

Bob Davis
Angel Sleeping,

Thank you. I received it on time and have put my little Holly to rest.

Debbie De Louise - Hicksville, New York
Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you so much for your extra efforts.  My daughter called me Thursday with the news that her dog Fudge had taken an unexpected turn for the worse, and would I please take care of ordering the casket.  I spent hours on the internet trying to find something suitable that would not take a week or more to arrive.  When I found your site, I knew I didn't have to search any more. 

 I certainly didn't mean for you to have to go out of your way for this shipment, but I so appreciate the fact that you are willing to do so.  If there is any extra charge involved with you having to hand deliver the casket for a Saturday shipment, please notify me by email and I will be glad to make an additional payment.  As of this morning, Fudge is holding his own and I am very hopeful that the casket arrival will be in time.  

I just love the 'Angel Sleeping' on the little pillow.  In this time of grieving, those words are some how so comforting.  And your products are beautifully crafted and reasonably priced.  Thank you again for going the extra mile to help us out, it is greatly appreciated.  And thank you also, for your condolences.

Dianne Michaelian
Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

Thank you for your craftmanship and care for those who love their pets like family.

Don Usher - Lancaster, South Carolina
Dear Hoyt,

Thank you so much for the beautiful casket.  I ordered the Heavenly Pink Standard 20x12x8 casket and I couldn't be happier.  The prayer card was so sweet.  I read it a loud as my family and I buried my cat Precious.  I have had her for 12 long glorious years.  I also read the Rainbow Bridge Poem and put a copy of it in her casket with her.  Precious meant so much to me.  She was My "Baby Girl".  I have many memories in my heart that I will cherish forever.  Her funeral went very well.  I feel more at ease knowing that she is being protected in her final resting place.  The craftsmanship on the casket was excellent.  The fit was perfect.  Her grave will have a head stone, white rocks all around, a small fence and purple flowers.  We have talked on the phone a few times and I want to thank you for being so sweet and caring.   Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.   

Abby Freeman & Family
Lizella, Georgia

I can't thank you enough for the beautiful casket you made for my little Sashi. The casket was more beautiful than the pictures showed. You knew what a difficult time this was and you certainly did everything you could to make it easier for us. You rushed the order so we could lay Sashi to rest and your kindness and understanding will never be forgotten.

MELISSA DELSON - Lantana, Florida


Thanks for letting us know you got our order and for delivering the casket personally to our vet. We appreciate you and our vet working together to bring Skippy's life and now, his eternal rest, to an appropriate and loving conclusion.
We certainly will refer our friends to your products and services, which in a way, I would wish they would never have to need. However, life is such that significant people and pets touch our lives for a time and move on, hopefully leaving us with fond memories until we depart this life ourselves.
Again thanks for your time and special attention to our needs...

Best regards,
Roni & Max Jarrell - Tullahoma, TN

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

Thank you.  We received the pet casket on Monday, and we were able to go to our vet's office and pick up our beloved Joshua's body and give him a proper burial in our back yard that very day.  Joshua was an 18 1/2 year old Siamese cat, and one of a kind.  He was sweet and loving and he will always be in our hearts.  He had kidney disease and though we fought to keep him alive, his body gave out and we had no choice but to release him from his pain.  The pet casket was beautifully made and we so appreciate your prompt shipment and the touching prayer and poem you included.  God bless you.
Sue & Jim Blaurock - La Mesa, CA

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you saved our lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful solid wood mahogany casket and for the speed in which we received our order, (next day). My husband and I ordered a plastic casket from another company for our beloved "Rascal" and it was far too narrow for his little legs to fit without breaking them. When we purchased it we never thought about how much different a cat's anatomy is than that of a human. The plastic casket also looked like Rascal's litter box so we are going to use it for just that purpose for our other kitties. The pet casket we received from your company had plenty of leg room and was much more solid than the plastic one. I love the little pillow. It was so sweet. Again thank you for your wonderful product. We will recommend you highly to all our family and friends.
Geri and Alan Grissom - Atlanta, GA

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

Thanks for your part in helping me bury my adorable Sadie and trying to move along with my grieving after putting her to rest. The casket is beautiful. Your workmanship is outstanding. And your packaging is amazing! You obviously take great pride in your work, as well you should.

I'm not sure whether UPS delivered it last night or early this morning, but I do know that you got it shipped extremely fast, and I appreciate it. I buried Sadie this afternoon at Toothacres in Carrollton, a suburb of Dallas (TX), the same place I buried my first Cocker Spaniel 24 years ago. (I read the prayer and Rainbow Bridge that you thoughtfully sent.) Now I can visit them both at the same place. I gave your name and web site address to Kelly Clem who manages the cemetary, and is part of the family that has owned Toothacres for 6 generations!

Thank you, again.
Shari Stern - Dallas, TX

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets,

Just a note to let you know that my package arrived Friday. Thank you so much... the casket, pillow, and coverlet are perfect. It was so nice of you
to include the coverlet for Casey. You are kind people.

Karen Taylor - Knoxville, TN

Thank you,

Thank you so much for the beautiful casket and personalized pillow for Bundles. Your work is beautiful. Bundles went to heaven this morning.  It makes me proud to be able to provide such a beautiful casket for him.  Your work is much appreciated.
Mrs. Northcutt, I hope you are doing well.  I read about your bout with cancer on the website. 

Ruthie Knights a/k/a Bundles' mommy - Louisville, KY

Dear Hoyt and Wanda,

I want to thank you for the fast delivery and quality pet made this sad day dignified and less stressfull

Thank you, 
Mark Hunt - Evansville, IN

I wanted to thank you for your quick service and great work.  My wonderful dog, Chaz, was diagnosed with an inoperable and untreatable brain tumor two weeks ago.  He's doing pretty well today, but he doesn't have long.  I ordered a craftsman casket from you last week and it just arrived.  Unfortunately, I paid more attention to the pound-size for the casket and not enough attention to the actual dimensions, because my 22 pound dog will not fit into the 24" x 12" box I purchased.  I had also begun to regret my decision to finish the casket myself.  It's just too painful.  So I have just ordered a deluxe 28" x 16" model.  I really appreciate your thoughtful site and the card and poem included with the casket I received.  By reading your "about us" page, I see you are no stranger to the grieve one can experience upon loosing a cherished pet.
Susan M. Snodgrass

Hello Hoyt,

You seemed so genuinely concerned for Casey that I thought you'd like to know that she has, once again, rebounded and is back up over 6 pounds and eating well. I guess I'll be able to store her lovely casket, pillow, and coverlet away after all. It comforts me, however, to know all that is taken care of when the time does come.

Thank you again; I would recommend your business to anyone.
Karen Taylor

Mr. Northcutt,

I realize that you are going through a hard time as well and our thoughts are with you and your wife. I truly hope that she is better and that she continues to improve. I truly appreciate your getting the casket to us. We are beside ourselves over the loss of our 14 year old dog Getting the casket to us helped a lot with the situation, especially since I didn’t even see the notice about your wife. It is perfect, and is certainly a dignified and beautiful way for us to send Spanky to heaven yet keep him near

Thank you again, and take care of your wife. Our prayers are with her (and you) as well.

Dorothy and Ivan Jones - La Porte, IN

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you so much for Hershel's most beautiful casket.  It arrived today. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the time and attention that went into making this for our beloved dog.
Annemarie Juhlian

Dear Hoyt,

I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone last Tuesday morning. Sadaka, our loving cat, took a sudden turn for the worse Tuesday evening and I felt it was time to let him die peacefully. I called our veterinarian and had him come to our home and let Sadaka die in my arms, knowing I loved him and will see him again soon. The casket I ordered from you Monday arrived Friday evening and looked every bit as nice as I had hoped for. Sadaka is resting peacefully now and on nice spring day after all the snow has melted we will bury him where we can plant some flowers or roses over him. I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk with me, and when Callie, Sadaka's sister is ready to pass on I will contact you for her casket as well.

Be well and may God be with you.

Mike Donahue - Truckee, CA

Dear Angel Sleeping,

I received my casket yesterday and I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with it. It is really beautiful and I appreciate the fast service also.

Thank you again!!
Lynda Parkhurst – Lillington, NC

Dear Hoyt and Wanda:

Thank you so much for your kindness and for all you did to get the Angel Sleeping pet casket shipped so quickly. You really touched my heart when you said you stayed up late to finish it for me. I am honored to have my precious girl's final resting place prepared by such loving hands.

God bless you for all you do to help people through a very sad and difficult time!

Claudia Blaine - Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you for providing such a wonderful service with such good quality and prompt shipping. You are wonderful people to do this and and you provide comfort at such a difficult time. Our little angel, Boo, passed away suddenly on Friday. Having such a beautiful casket to bury her in was a
great comfort to us.

Whitney and Marc Molis – Rochester, MN

Dear Hoyt & Wanda Northcutt

I never realized how difficult it is to lose a pet. Tasha (my 15 year old cat) passed away on March 4, 05.

Barry Callaghan (a dear friend), ordered the most beautiful casket for Tasha from you. Words cannot express the comfort that you have given us during this loss.

Tasha was my BEST FRIEND and she will be missed so much. If it were not for your kindness and compassion to help pets lay peacefully as they enter "Rainbow Bridge"… I would still be filled with tears.

Thank you so very much for all that you are & all that you do. I will never, ever forget you.

God Bless,
Lisa Hutchensin & Barry Callaghan, Tasha’s mommy & daddy – Danvers, MA

Dear Angel Sleeping,

Thank you for making such an affordable and tastefull product. You have allowed me to give my Dachshund the respect due him when he dies and have not taken advantage of my grief. Your sensitivity to pet owners and their loss is very commendable.
God Bless,
Henry Stollard - West Central, IL

Mr Hoyt & Mrs Wanda,
Thank you so much for my well constructed casket, (28 inch CPS).  I cried after I received it.  I'm almost finished working on it--I just lack putting on the handles.  I stained the casket walnut.  I have made my pillow, bedding, and blanket from white satin and pink chenille.  I'm dreading the day.  Thank you so much for the card as well.
Ms. Wanda, I hope that all goes well for you--you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thanks again, 
Lisa Moss Massengill - Corinth, MS

Dear Angel Sleeping,
Thank you so much for sending the beautiful pet casket. I can't put into words how much comfort it gave to place our beautiful little Joanne into something that was made with such care and concern. You provide a real service.
Lauren Ramenofsky - Carlsbad, CA

Thank you, 
I just wanted to thank you for making a wonderful box for my little dog.  We ordered it almost a year before she finally passed away.  She was terminally ill but kept hanging in there for a year and a half before she died. Everyone called her the, "miracle dog." It was hard seeing the box sit around for that long when we thought her time was very short.  But it gave us time to think and reflect on what was about to come and what she meant to us. When her time finally came we found comfort in putting her to rest in the box that Hoyt created because we knew it was made with love, kindness and understanding.

We also loved the poems that Hoyt wrote especially, "Just A Loan."  I cry every time I read it because it's so true!
I never knew I could fall so much in love with a little furry being!
Thank you again,
Ron and Lisa Draves - Wisconsin